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Contact        : Manager Wang
Telephone    : 13953879721
Telephone    : 0538-3492107 
Address       : Chaoquan town Industrial
Contact QQ  : 1490734718
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    Shandong Jun Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of the famous peach fat - fat city territory, east of the Five Sacred Mountains of Taishan (Tai'an City) 30 km to the north and 70 km from the provincial capital Jinan, east of Beijing-Shanghai Railway, 104 State Road, Fuzhou, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, the state is planning to Xinjiang, Shandong Qingdao red pull it close to the plant after the completion of Pu transcontinental highway feicheng, plant close to the Beijing-Shanghai railway branch, road, rail transportation is very convenient.
     The company has strong technical strength, advanced detection means, first-class production equipment, with particular emphasis on pay close attention to product quality, hard life reputation of quality products to win customers, market reputation rising, companies owned by the growing scale. 2006 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, in 2007 was named "national user satisfaction with product quality, service satisfaction model unit", has won the "group members", "high-tech zones Excellent Enterprise", "Tai'an City contract and trustworthy enterprises . "Welcome all customers to visit the company to negotiate.

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Shandong Jun Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd.    Technical Support:Flight News Network admin
Contact:Manager wang   Address:ShanDong province Feicehng City Chaoquan Town Industrial development zone    Mobile phone :13953879721   15552837172 
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