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What are the mining equipment


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First, electrical equipment, including high and low voltage electrical appliances, transformers and substation, comprehensive protection devices, submersible electric pump, motor, explosion-proof products.

Second, lighting equipment includes safety helmet lamp, alarm miner's lamp, explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, etc.

Three, fire products include coal mine with explosives, detonators for coal mine use, blasting and etc.

Four, communication, signal device.

Five, drilling machines and accessories including the electric, hydraulic, nonmetal and light alloy pneumatic drilling, anchor machine.

Six, improve transport equipment including and auxiliary parts, scraper conveyor, belt conveyor and auxiliary parts, wire rope, one car, for machine, hydraulic coupling, auxiliary equipment.

Seven, power locomotive including internal combustion engine vehicles, battery electric locomotive, wiring locomotive and electric equipment of form a complete set.

Eight, ventilation and dust prevention facilities including local ventilator, ram, dust and dust equipment.

Nine, flame retardant and antistatic products include conveyor belt, cable, ram coating cloth, flame-proof sink (bag), tubing and plastic mesh belt, roller, flame retardant medium, not of metal.

Ten, condition monitoring, safety and environmental monitoring instruments and equipment including instrumentation such as gas, dust, wind speed, safety monitoring system and related control device, self-rescuer, breathing apparatus and other protection device.

Eleven, supporting equipment, including hydraulic support (including column, valve, jack), sliding support and individual hydraulic prop with valve (including three), cut the top pillar, friction pillars, metal roof beam, anchor rod (rope). Imports of products within the scope of the above, and implement safety sign management.

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