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Use and maintenance of the pump


UpdateTime:[2013/10/17 16:12:52]    Hits:[1913]   Source:Shandong Jun Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd.


(1) to check whether the direction of rotation of motor and pump rotate in the same direction. The pump is clockwise. When looking from the drive in the test the motor rotation direction, should be a separate test machine, must not try with pump coupling.

2 check the coupling of the elastic cushion is complete right.

(3) check whether the rotation of the motor shaft and pump concentric

(4) by hand turning (including motor) pump should not be bear shibuya and friction phenomenon.

5] check in bearing oil bearing box (L - Fc46 or L - Fc68) to the oil refers the position.

[6] before starting the pump to open the shaft seal water (mechanical seal cooling water), at the same time to start the pump inlet valve, close the outlet valve.

Once check valve is flexible and reliable.

Being other, such as anchor bolt and the flange gasket and bolt. Piping system is installed correctly, such as solid and reliable.

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