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Mine stand pump application range


UpdateTime:[2013/10/17 16:14:14]    Hits:[1849]   Source:Shandong Jun Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd.


Low wear resistance long service life

The third generation of desilting submersible pump with mining allows the sediment concentration 20% ~ 70%. In this case, 5 ~ 10 times that of ordinary submersible pump life. The key is to conquer the two technical difficulties, submersible pump "desilting seal" and "sand abrasion.

Normal submersible pump is designed for water, sewage. Its product standard, fresh water pump to allow containing 0.05% solid, with abrasion in the submersible sewage pump to allow a solid 4%. Engineering, mine drainage, water contain sediment, use normal submersible pump is not only easy to wear and tear more easily burning motor. The ordinary submersible named as "desilting submersible pump" sales behavior belongs to fraud.

Low anhydrous starting, to allow water idling

A lot of people ask, why let pump without water idle? It's not reinvent the wheel? Ordinary water pump is absolutely not allowed to idle, otherwise the pump will be damaged, which is specified in all pumps in the textbook. Water pump for water idling damaged case very much. Well-being in the tunnel construction, for example, 1 350 kw centrifugal pump for water idling, causes a pair of stainless steel balance and disk friction heat cement, eventually lead to the rotor shaft with a diameter of 100 mm twist off. Some of the reasons for water pump water idling. For example, the pulverized coal mine drainage was caving jams, interruption of water flow, lead to damage of pump water idling, when the pulverized coal is made after the flood water flooding. Professor Wang Qingwu design of desilting submersible pump and mine stand pump, its unique structure allows anhydrous starting, allowing water idling, will not cause any damage to the motor and pump body. There is water, can automatic drainage without someone waiting for you, solves the problem automatic drainage technology, make mining automation drainage are easier to implement. This is a very important function.

MeiKe institute Shanghai branch coal mine flooding accident from across the country are also found in the statistical analysis of the idle running, therefore also specifically proposed allowing the "idle running submersible pump without water. When professor Wang Qingwu shipped to Shanghai makes explosion-proof station 4 kw desilting submersible pump to allow anhydrous idling, all to see, successful performance test on the spot. After the inspection of 75 kw desilting submersible pump to increase the "inspection" anhydrous ground idling 6 hours, the technicians are discouraging detection units, and politely refuse to open pump. But under my unit staff had to open pump, the successful completion of the inspection work.

Ankang in tunnel construction, caused by a lack of transformer capacity, 200 kw mine stand pump according to the normal operation can't start, my unit sent to guide the construction personnel will pump the water, no water in the air starting, and then fell into the water drainage, solved the problem, this operation until the end of the project.

Low amphibious

This is a very practical function! It can extend out numerous new pump use, which changes the traditional way of drainage radically!

On the shore installation of centrifugal pump driven by ordinary motor, are not allowed to dive. Some coal mine is sudden flood water covered the centrifugal pump, motor burned down the water, drainage system paralysis. Normal submersible pump is not allowed to completely run out of water, the scene to retain water, deep enough to damage or submersible pump will be fever.

Mine stand pump allow to install the shore, as well as centrifugal pump, once encountered flood, mine after vertical submerged pump, allowing underwater continue to work, because it has the submersible motor, not afraid of water. Then, there has been completely underwater mine stand pump, half water half water, sit on the shore, slope rides and air hanging a variety of installations, such as to meet the requirements of the various special environment.

On land use at ordinary times, mine shaft seal of pump is out of the water, then the state of the service life of the shaft seal than diving. Because of the mine stand pump need not someone waiting for you, also need not fill in the packing, so the daily operation maintenance fee lower than ordinary centrifugal pump.

Low total head no overload

Ordinary high lift of centrifugal pump in less than 50% of the rated head low head, when using power will increase sharply, serious overload electrical opportunities. So the pump head range is strict. High lift pump in low head shall be forbidden to use. National quality inspection department and the national pump inspection standard also requires only allows you to use within the scope of the parameters, beyond the scope of the do not require. But many of the drainage condition of head changed a lot. Flooding Wells, for example, after the mine rescue and drain line from the mouth of the well to the bottom hole, built during the well drainage line from wellhead to bottom, are required to lift almost starting from 0, until the maximum depth. In reality, the user is often used in the high head and low head the same pump, so the water pump is easy to damage. Wang Qingwu professor trapping by the design of submersible pump, mine stand pump at the beginning of the design is considering this problem, give a total head no overload solution, between the lift from 0 to the maximum head can be free to use, it is more convenient to use.

Low safe and reliable

Ordinary row mud slurry pump itself explosion happens - just like the heated inferior pressure cooker explosion, and has set up a wounded maimed personnel present. With the popularity of ordinary submersible pump application, explosion accident harm has highlighted submersible pump itself. For the pin in addition to safety concerns, the ministry of construction in the 2001-11-1 implementation of industry standard: JGJ33-2001 in safety technical regulations on the construction machinery use stated bluntly: "submersible pump shall not be used in mud sand in the water". Ordinary submersible pump itself is thought to be the cause of explosion individual quality accidents or illegal operation. But we found that the old products inherent fatal flaws - the equivalent of no pressure relief valve pressure cooker. The third generation of desilting submersible pump and mine stand pump has a number of safety measures, safety valve, water storage room, storage room, flame-proof string, discharge pipe, etc., to eradicate the hidden danger of the ordinary submersible pump explosion using more safe.

Low desilting submersible pumps, mine stand pump after adding auxiliary devices, maximum diving depth can be as high as 100 meters

Dive deeper, the impurities of the submersible pump motor seal the more difficult. Submersible sewage pump product standard regulation, the biggest diving depth is only 5 meters.

When small volume light weight

Mine stand pump adopts full steel welding structure, changed the traditional structure and casting technology, high strength, small volume, light weight. Rolling steel plate, the density is better than that of cast iron parts, sand grinding resistance; Light and flexible, suitable for narrow site or frequently moved. BSQ28-22 type 4 kw desilting submersible pump 65 kg, with specifications of submersible sewage pump more than 100 kg; BSQ28-35 7.5 kW desilting submersible pump 100 kg, with specifications of submersible sewage pump more than 200 kg.

Low automation drainage can be realized

Mine stand pump unique technical characteristics, make its environment: suitable for all kinds of drainage water containing sediment, water pump works; Surface significantly lift, submerged pump and the water is lower than the water pump, the pump will work as usual; After water, need not stop pump, water supply has resumed, pump can automatically restore drainage imtely. When the drainage pipeline valve opening lock, displacement is greater than mine water inflow, mine stand pump can automatically adjust the flow, need not frequent stop pump drive pump; Anhydrous pump start-up or idle, no water will not damage the water pump, motor, as usual. Therefore, the mine stand pump has become the best model of the automatic drainage.

Low product specification is complete, with high head, large flow, multi-stage desilting submersible pump, mine stand pump products

Currently, sewage pumps and slurry pump products, are only single stage impeller head is lower, high-lift multi-stage sewage pump and high-lift multi-stage slurry pump and other products, both at home and abroad is still blank. And trapping by the high-lift multi-stage submersible pump, multipolar mine stand pump more than just fill in the blank. For example: use voltage 10 kv, head of 360 m, 150 m/h 8 mine stand pump, can put in mine accident site of quicksand with water to the ground.

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